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​My goal with ARR is to be the go to source of unbiased reviews of Allen + Roth products.  Remodeling your home is an art, and although it can be stressful at times, it doesn't have to be once you find a company that provides quality products.  Thankfully we have found this company!

​As an interior designer for the past 12 years, I have remodeled hundreds of homes.  Many people can only handle remodeling their home once, but there is something about it that excites me!  I have tried hundreds if not thousands of different home products and brands.  Sometime a little over five years ago I stumbled across Allen and Roth while testing out a few different companies for light fixtures.

I started doing some research on Allen + Roth, and all the other products they sell.  What really stuck out to me was their modern design without sacrificing quality.  I have owned hundreds of Allen and Roth products, starting with lighting and then trying out their gazebos and closets.  Overall the quality was extremely high with all of these products, and I definitely recommend them to anyone that is remodeling their home!  Below you will find some of the best Allen and Roth product reviews you should definitely check out:​

Allen Roth Lighting: Light Up Your Home

Allen Roth Lighting

The very first product I tried from this company was their lighting.  I was searching for a piece of lighting that had a modern feel to it.  The first piece I purchased was an oil rubbed bronze chandelier!  It was absolutely amazing, the durability was great, and it looked beautiful!  Overall if you are looking for a set of lighting products that will light up your home in a stylish way, then Allen Roth Lighting is the way to go!

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Allen Roth Patio Furniture: Enjoy the Outdoors!

Allen Roth Patio Furniture

If you are someone that enjoys the outdoor sun, and spending time with family, then you need a good set of patio furniture.  I first tried Allen Roth patio furniture when I was redoing my patio, and I wanted to create a space that was both comfortable and welcoming to my friends and guests.  I was able to create this with a few chairs and love seats, and now everyone loves sitting outside!  I have written some in-depth guides about my favorite patio pieces below!

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Allen Roth Ceiling Fan: Cool Off Your Home!

If you are looking for a way to regulate the temperature in your home, and keep you cool during the summers, then of course you need a ceiling fan.  But if you are looking for a ceiling fan that is not only modernistic, but extremely durable then I suggest looking at an Allen Roth Ceiling Fan!  I have written some in-depth reviews of these fans below!

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Allen Roth Gazebo: Avoid the Sun Outdoors!

Allen Roth Gazebo

If you live somewhere where the sun is blistering hot, then you need something to protect you from the sun as you try to enjoy the outdoors.  Thankfully that is just what you receive with an Allen Roth Gazebo.  Gazebo's are great for entertaining, because they provide you with a comfortable environment to relax with family and friends!

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Allen Roth Closet: Organize Your  Clothing!

Allen Roth Closet

If you are someone that needs organization with your clothing, then you need a closet organizer.  After trying a few different systems out, my favorite organizer is the Allen Roth Closet system!  I've been able to meticulously organize all my clothes in my closet, and it has allowed me to speed up my morning routine!  Overall closet organizers are great for anyone that needs to know where everything is in their closet!

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Allen Roth Vanity: Organize Your Bathroom!

Allen Roth Vanity

The bathroom is supposed to be a place where you can take any business needed.  That being said, it should also be a place that looks great!  With an Allen Roth Vanity you will be able to have storage space in your bathroom while having a mirror to make sure that you are looking your best.  Overall bathroom vanities are a necessity for any bathroom in your home!

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Allen Roth Wallpaper: Decorate Yours Walls!

Allen Roth Wallpaper

If you are looking for something that will help spruce up your room, and you aren't looking for a paint job, then wallpapers have taken the world by storm.  When I was looking for some wallpaper for my bedroom and bathroom, I spent some time researching what I liked best.  I stumbled upon a set of Allen Roth Wallpaper, and it was absolutely beautiful!  If you are looking for something to spice up your rooms, then wallpaper is your solution!

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Allen Roth Curtains: Control the Outdoor Light!

Allen Roth Curtains

If you are looking for a way to control the amount of light that enters into your room from your windows, while still looking stylish, then Allen Roth Curtains are the way to go!  Curtains can come in a few different types and styles.  Some types are mainly for looks, while others are made to block out light, and some are designed for both in mind.  Thankfully Allen Roth creates curtains that can fit all of these categories.

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